Friday, February 25, 2011

February Gratitude

As many of you already know from prior posts, I have adopted a gratitude practice this year, which involves a daily exchange of lists of things for which I feel grateful.  This other person, with whom I exchange lists,  I affectionately refer to as my gratitude buddy.  Each month a new gratitude buddy joins me in this adventure.  This month, my gratitude buddy was someone I affectionately refer to as Mom.

This has been a very special month indeed.  I have already written about the gratitude practice being a express lane to happiness.  It continues to be so.  My glass feels half full.  This month brought with it the realization that the gratitude partnership also brings people closer.   I have enjoyed the daily connection with all my buddies immensely, and have deepened my relationship with each of them, but this past month I consider myself truly blessed to share something so life-affirming with my mother.   It has truly been a gift.

I feel better letting go and moving on to the next buddy knowing that my mom has a new buddy for March- my sister!  Each of my buddies has gone on to continue the practice with either a new buddy or a journal.  Just think....if everyone got a new buddy each month....this project would grow exponentially and become a crazy out of control gratitude fest.   This sounds just great to me.

Wishing You Balance,


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