Monday, October 22, 2012

The Life That Is Calling You

Imagine for a moment, the life that is calling you.  What does that life look like?  What does it feel like?  Where would you live?  What work would you do?  How do you get there from where you are right now?  

Let these questions roll around for awhile.  What comes up for you?  You may have a strong sense of what you want and know exactly how to get there.  More likely, however, you have a sense of what you want, but a blurry sense of how to get there. Or possible still, your sense of what you want isn’t so crystal. 

Transformational life coaching works with the knowledge that you already have the answers. Even if, to the conscious mind, the answers appear blurry, with the right tools and techniques, you can be empowered to find clarity, direction and motivation to move towards the life you want. In a word, life coaching is about transformation.

What exactly is life coaching?  According to Vicky McCoy, of Exponential Growth Coaching, the answer to that question becomes clear when you experience the power of coaching, “But the best way to describe it is that it is a way to become the person that you already are, to live the life that you have always wanted.  One of the greatest benefits of coaching is that it helps you to gain clarity about who you are, what you want and how to achieve it.”

A graduate of the Coaching for Transformation program at the Open Center in New York City, Vicky has experienced great shifts in her own life through the work, including a new willingness to take risks and to think bigger.  All too often, people hold themselves small and in a state of limitation.  Vicky uses the analogy of cleaning house to explain how coaching can help to identify and change self-limiting habits of thought and action.  Just as when we sort through long stored items in our basement, for example, and examine each one for its relevance and usefulness, we then decide to take an item to the curb or we bring it into our lives where it will do us some good.  There are thoughts, emotions and habits within us that might be stopping us from changing careers, acknowledging dreams, passions or taking new directions in our lives.  There are also, deep within us, and often obscured, long held dreams and wisdom.  The coaching process helps to get rid of what isn’t needed and uncover our own power. 

Life coaches do not give advice or provide therapy.  Instead, they help you to uncover your own inner knowing and tap into your own potential, a potential that is likely far greater than you realize.  Life coaching is a non-judgmental, life affirming process that honors where you are right now while moving you forward with clarity, purpose and passion toward the life that is calling you.  With a coach, this transformation happens with much greater impact and momentum than could be achieved on your own. 

Contact Vicky at or 585.353.4900 for more information and to begin your exponential journey of self expansion.

Wishing you balance and transformation,


Vicky McCoy is a Certified Professional Coach as well as a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. She instructs at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage and has a passion for transformation through teaching, bodywork and coaching. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Gratitude?

What makes you happy?  

What fills you with joy?

What makes the world a better place?

What tiny thing, often overlooked, makes you smile?

What big thing, too obvious to overlook, makes you want to burst with joy?

What events have served as lessons?

Who are the people in your life who listen to you, show you kindness, who inspire or teach you?

What would your life be like if you routinely took time to acknowledge your gratitude?

I have had a wonderful gratitude practice for the last two years.  I keep thinking that I will give it up, after all, it has lost its novelty.   In fact, I did decide to give it up.  I thought it would be good to stop for a time, so that when I took it up again it would once again feel exciting.  But people were queuing up to take a turn to be my gratitude buddy, so I was pulled back in.

You probably know all about gratitude buddies, as I have written about them many times on this blog.  Wait a minute!  I just looked at the stats on this blog and the report says that this blog has been looked at two times.  Two times.  Ever.  This can't be right; of course there is a glitch in the system somewhere.  I know it is wrong for the mere fact that I have looked the blog myself hundreds of time!  I am, after all, this blog's most loyal fan.

But, glitch or not, these stats point to the fact that this blog has not exactly taken off like wildfire, or like wildflowers either.  So, I will explain the recipe for gratitude buddies again.


1. Find a buddy.

2. Exchange daily lists of three things for which you are grateful.

You can do this through e-mail, text message, facebook messaging, telephone, or in person.  Choose any way that works for you.  Keep it up for as long as you would like.  I switch buddies each month.    Many of those buddies find their own buddies.  And on it goes.

That's it.  It's that easy.  

But easy or not, why do it, you ask.  You are not convinced that gratitude buddies is the best thing ever?   Well, I can honestly say that most everyone I have done this with has enjoyed it immensely.  It encourages you to notice what is already good in your life.  It also provides a neat way to connect with someone else.  I have done this practice with close friends and family as well as people I didn't know very well at all.  And as each month came to a close, I felt a bit of sadness when saying goodbye to the partnership we created through our daily sharing of things that were important to us.

A gratitude practice can make you feel happier.  Really.  Give gratitude buddies a try.  And let me know how it goes, will you?

Wishing you balance,