Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La Danse

I have been using a photo of balanced stones as a logo for a few years now.  The stones illustrate balance beautifully and I received positive feedback about the image from most.  And although I love the image of perfectly balanced stones, they never felt 100% right in representing what it is that I do.  Beautiful, but a little too serious and a little too static, I think.  Body in Balance is about loving living in your body and to me that implies joy and movement.  So for now, I am replacing the stones with the familiar joyful, moving image of Matisse's dancers.  The painting is in the public domain so it feels right to me to use it for now, knowing that at some wonderful "aha" moment in the future the permanent Body In Balance logo will be born.

I wish you joy and movement AND balance.

Love Living In Your Body!