Monday, September 12, 2011

The Seed

As I was sorting through my files and re-reading old writings, I came across a piece I wrote as part of my application for massage school.  People often ask me why I chose to become a massage therapist.  Below is the story of that first moment, the seed that eventually led to that decision, many years later.

There was a defining moment in my life, when I was in undergraduate school studying dance, when an Alexander Teacher “walked” each member of our class. First we observed our classmates walk around the studio, noticing their idiosyncrasies. We noted the rhythm of the walk, the initiation, how the weights of the body were being carried, etc... Then, our teacher put her hands gently on the walker and gave some simple images. When the student began her walk again, it was like a magic act; the walk had changed. Footsteps were lighter, arms swung more freely...the students were taller! When my turn came I remember that I wanted to run and skip to celebrate the freedom that I felt in my body.

Every since that experience, I have been fascinated by the intelligence of the body. I do not believe, as I once heard a scientist claim, that the human skeleton is somehow flawed, that we suffer from a kink in the evolutionary process, that our spines cannot adequately support this business of being erect. Although many among us suffer back pain, I don’t subscribe to the notion that it is a natural result of the aging process. I believe, instead, that it is a result of our culture, with its constant stress and misuse of the body. I believe that the body is intelligent and that pain and disease are often the result of restrictions that prevent the body from being able to function to its potential. Freeing these blockages and allowing energy to flow, enables the body to find balance and health. Our bodies, when in harmony, are free from pain and restriction.

So there it is.  The seed that started it all- being walked by an Alexander teacher.  I remember it vividly.  That one delightful moment when my body, free of restrictions, was suddenly a beautiful place to live and it felt as if my entire world had changed.   It is that change that I hope to pass along to others.

Wishing You Balance,



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