Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This past Thanksgiving marked the launch of my year long gratitude project.  Every month, I have invited someone to join me in exchanging a list of daily gratitudes for the entire month.  It has been a remarkable experience.  Although reluctant at first, my August gratitude buddy turned out to be a most enthusiastic participant; it didn’t take long for him to understand how profoundly enriching this practice can be.   We shared our gratitude list by e-mail, each with a subject line that reflected the day of the week:  Gratitude Sunday, Gratitude Monday, Gratitude Tuesday.... And on one one particular Tuesday, we cleverly ran the words together and the concept of Gratituesdays was born.

Each Tuesday, I would like to invite people to share their gratitudes on my Body In Balance Facebook wall.  Taking time to express gratitude is a wonderfully life affirming practice on its own, but sharing these gratitudes with others deepens the experience.   It is a beautiful way to connect and to be inspired.

Please join us!  “Like” the Body In Balance page.  Join in on the sharing!  

Wishing you balance,


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