Friday, March 12, 2010

Dancing Through March- Week Two

My week in dance has been wonderful. The best part of the week has been the incredible feeling of community. I started the week by dancing in my living room with a dear friend. This Sunday I have a dancing date with two friends I used to choreograph with- a reunion dance. I was even fortunate enough to be able to dance to live music a few times this week. Friends have been sending me links to music that they have been dancing to which I in turn dance to as well. The feeling of connection is astonishing.

To dance is to be human. To dance with another is to share the authentic experience of being alive.

We were born knowing how to dance...but sometimes we forget. Not only do we forget to dance, but we forget how.

Responding to our complaints about having to do the same phrase again and again, a dance professor once said to our class "You don't get closer to God by learning more steps." It isn't about the steps. The steps are not the dance.

We don't dance with our feet. We dance with our hearts.

Commit to the movement. Let yourself be absorbed in it. Don't judge. Don't question. Be awkward. Be beautiful. Be clumsy. Be silly. Be fabulous. Be a fool. Let the dancing be whatever it is meant to be in the moment.

Check out this video. Keep your eyes on Donny Osmond dancing in the background Not one cool movement in the course of a 3 minute dance. Now that is sheer genius.

Keep dancing! And this week, why not ask a friend to dance?

Wishing you balance,


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