Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dancing Through March- Week One

What a joyful week of dancing it's been. I have been surprised and delighted at how many people have joined me. Of those I know, we span coast to coast and include at least one country outside of the United States. It was not my intention to start a viral phenomenon, but it has become one, albeit a tiny one. This delights me. The fact that other people are excited by the idea of dropping everything and dancing, gives me a warm feeling inside- it gives me faith in our collective humanity.

There is a woman dancing in France while she makes cookies, at least one person who dances while brushing her teeth every day. There is a whole college class who dances together each time they meet- a different student provides the music each time. (I wonder who their professor is?) There have been reports of slow dances, River Dances, thrash dances, elementary classrooms dancing to the Beatles. And lots of people are dancing with their children. (Lucky children to have such great parents.)

My dancing has mainly been music-blaring, upbeat, fun dance all over the house dancing, although there have been a few raw, writhing, music-less, butoh-esque dances in there. Most days I have done more than one five minute dance. There was only one day when I was feeling really sad and I just couldn't bring myself to dance without it feeling like a chore.

Butoh Dancer

So far, the dancing has felt like a real treat. And the best part was sharing it with others. In fact, the highlight of my week, not just my dance highlight, but THE highlight, was dancing with my son.

Keep dancing! And remember, it isn't about how you look. It is about how you feel. Dance how you are moved to dance. Here is some inspiration.

Keep Dancing! And tell me all about it!



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