Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution Time! I'm Ready For You!

Happy New Year!

Today I mixed up a huge batch of my massage butter.   I absolutely love making the massage butter.  It is easy, fun and messy; shea butter always flies onto the counter, the toaster, my clothing.... but it's so gratifying to watch the crumbly, hard butter soften and lighten as it whips.  I love the fact that I know with certainty that my massage lotion is natural, made with all organic ingredients, without any filler or artificial nonsense.  After all, we absorb through our skin, so why would we want anything but the most healthy, natural ingredients in our massage lotion?  (Or any product that we use for our skin?)

Besides the fact that it is fun, I like the ritual of whipping the butter because of the anticipation of the sessions in which it will be used.  Good, deep bodywork.  Restrictions lifting.  Pain melting.  The medium I am whipping up is an important ingredient in a process that can be life changing.  It makes me happy to see the full container, knowing it will be used to help people.

A client of mine told me after her last session, "You have given me a new body."  A new body!  A body that moves freely.  A body that isn't in pain all the time.  A body fit to live in!  There is more to the equation than a good massage lotion, of course.  There is your massage therapist, (Pick me!  Pick me!), but the most important ingredient is you.  Your body supplies most of the intelligence.  I listen and help your body to find its own natural balance.  I don't give you a new body, but am a catalyst, the massage lotion a medium and you, the most important part of the whole process.

This is the time of year we think about the new and healthy habits we want to adopt.  With that in mind, I made an extra big batch of massage butter, just for you!

I hope to see you soon.

Wishing you balance and joy in the new year,


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