Sunday, April 3, 2011

De-snagging the Sweater

Let's meet the fascia. The fascia is a network of extracellular material that runs throughout the body.  If it were possible to separate out the fascia from the rest of us, our fascia would form the same shape as we do, as it is a three dimensional web that runs throughout all our tissue.  This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a seminar in Myofascial Release. 

If you can imagine this interconnected web, it is easy to see how a fascial restriction in one area could create a problem elsewhere.  Ida Rolf used the analogy of a snag in a sweater that when pulled distorts the entire sweater.  This is a great image to help us understand how fascial restrictions can wreak havok on the structure, causing pain and tightness.

The snags in my sweater cause my head to pull forward and my shoulders to round.  The snags in my sweater cause pain and tingling to travel down my right arm; they cause TMJ problem, headaches and that annoying ache right between my shoulder blades.  You know that one.  That ache that you just can't reach.  In the process of learning the material, I was able to receive a healthy dose of the work myself.  I left the seminar feeling like a different person.  Now, with a de-snagged sweater, I feel loose and free- I have new found mobility in my shoulders and pelvis.  My jaw feels good.  I have a few lingering areas that still need to be addressed, but my pain is greatly diminished  My form has changed.  This sweater, which I was really starting to doubt, is actually a pretty fine garment!

I can't wait to start using the fantastic new techniques I learned to help clients who are suffering from pain.  With a bit of de-snagging,  that misshapen sweater of yours may just feel like a totally new garment.

Wishing you balance,


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  1. Ahhh. I wish we lived near each other. We could practice our myofascial skills on each other. I've really enjoyed adding that to my toolbox. Not a lot of massage therapists actually perform myofascial techniques as a separate entity. I keep waiting to meet one out here. It deserves it's own practice separate from massage.


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