Monday, February 15, 2010

Dipping Into the Well

I picked up a book when I was thrift store shopping this weekend. The book is called Energy Now: Simple Ways to Gain Vitality, Overcome Tension, and Achieve Harmony and Balance by Emma Mitchell. They were asking $1.99 for it; I love a bargain and any book with the word balance in the title is going pique my interest, so I had to buy it. Glad I did. Here is a quote I ran across:

"Preventative medicine aims to keep the body healthy, strong and well. In the West you go to an orthodox doctor when you have physical symptoms of ill health. In China, by contrast, you visit your doctor or teacher to remain well. The Chinese say that treating a person when they have become ill is like starting to dig a well when you are thirsty-- by that time it may be too late."

We all do this. We wait until our back goes out to see the chiropractor. We wait until that muscle between our shoulder blades is in spasm before we get a massage. When I say we, I am including myself. Life is busy for all of us. Our day to day is demanding. Meditating takes time. Exercise takes time. Eating healthy fresh food takes time. And time is something that most of us feel as if we just don't have enough of. We fall into our beds at the end of a day, exhausted, having squeezed out every last minute from our day and every ounce of energy from our bodies.

If, however, we could make a commitment to taking the time to take care of our health- if we practiced preventative medicine, we would find an increase of energy that would allow us to better use and enjoy the time we do have.

Here is my wish for you: sleep that refreshes, foods that nourish, relaxation that rejuvenates, movement that enlivens, exercise that strengthens. Whatever it is- bodywork, acupuncture, chi gong, dance, taking walks, meditation, bubble baths- dig a "wellness well" and dip into it often. May your body be healthy, strong and well.

Wishing you balance,



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