Monday, July 13, 2009

Body In Balance

So many of us would use the phrase "out of balance" to describe our lives. We seek balance. But what exactly does it mean to be in balance?

To me it means-

To be fully present in one's body and in the experience of the world.

To live in a manner that nurtures the spirit, body and mind.

To breathe deeply and fully with a sense of ease, willingness and expansion.

To collaborate with gravity, allowing the body to be aligned, rather than holding oneself up using the tension of the musculature.

To move in a way that is easy and free.

A Body in Balance also implies that the systems are in harmony. The energy is balanced, allowing the body to strive towards health.

I invite you to think about what balance mean to you. It would be an interesting conversation to have. I would love it if you wrote your thoughts down and sent them as a comment on this blog or email them to me at

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